About us

When thirty-three brethren signed the Charter of the Lodge in 1926, I wonder if they could have envisaged that the original formation of the Lodge would be detailed on this web site!

Led by Bro. George Walker, who became the first Right Worshipful master, they set out to form a Lodge which was to research into the mysteries of masonry. It was to be called "Royal Scotland". Unfortunately the use of the word "Royal" was not permitted but a clever translation into Latin gave the Lodge it's name "Scotia Regia". Perhaps the greatest inspiration in these formative years was the motto chosen by Bro. Daniel Henderson P.M. He chose "Semper Spero Meliora - Always Hope for Better Things" and perhaps there is no better aim for any Mason today.

Originally the Lodge met in The Chapel of St Andrew, 76 Queen Street and it was there on 28th June 1926 that the Lodge was consecrated. At the first regular meeting we had six candidates. The first of these was Bro Albert Spence who became the first Initiate to sit in the Chair of King Solomon and the only one to occupy it on two separate occasions. The early days were a struggle but the "Spirit of Good Honest Fellowship" made the venture worthwhile.

All Lodges have their ups and downs and we must record our grateful thanks to the other Lodges in the Metropolitan area who have not only given us a place to hold our gatherings but have encouraged and assisted us in our endeavours. They are The Lodge of Journeyman Masons No. 8, St James' Operative Lodge No. 97, and Lodge Waverley No. 597 who was in fact, one of our sponsor Lodges. The other sponsor Lodge was Lodge Roman Eagle No. CLX. There can be no doubt, however, that the greatest single event in our history has been the purchase of our own premises. We can be proud of our Temple in St Clair Place because it was created by ourselves in the main and we would like to record a deep debt of gratitude to the brethren of other Lodges who helped us in so many ways during 1967 - 1968.

A Lodge founded in the year of the General Strike can be justifiably proud of celebrating over 80 years in existence and the brethren of today must salute the enterprise and effort displayed by the brethren throughout these years, more particularly the several brethren who had the foresight and courage to found the Lodge in the first place.

Edited from an article by Bro. George S. Mann P.M. 1976.